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Author : Thai Property group Published on 13 July 2020
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Over the past few years, the urbanization of the Phuket region has been evolving.

Indeed, if historically it is in the first place the southern part of the peninsula that has been developed, the northern part of Phuket is now becoming more popular with real estate actors and tourists.

North Phuket appears then as the next developing area of Phuket after the South. Everything leads to believe that North Phuket property investments offer interesting profitability perspectives.

Several elements explain this trend of displacement of urbanization zones within the peninsula.

First of all, it is known that the North of the Phuket Peninsula is home to a large number of diverse and varied activities.


You will be able to enjoy the famous Mai Khao beach which, largely bordered by the Sirinat National Park, offers a natural landscape lined with a few rare luxury hotels such as the Utopia Mai Khao residence or the coming Radisson hotel.

If the hotel manager Radisson chose Maikhao for its first Thailand project, it is not random. This leading figure of the hotel business is renown around the world, and it has seen the potential of this area as a new touristic destination. Tourists with families look for a calm place, close to all necessary services to spend an incredible holiday.


For boat lovers, we recommend the marina of Ao Po. Located northeast of Phuket, it takes only a few minutes by car from the beach or airport to see the magnificent yachts sheltered in this huge deep-water marina.

From here, you can even take one of the boats moored on the sand and enjoy a ride in the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea to visit the islands surrounding the Phuket Peninsula.


Also, if you wish, you can enjoy one of the 4 luxurious golf courses in North Phuket.

Indeed, Phuket (and especially its northern part) is a very appreciated place by amateur and professional golfers, with famous courses. For example, there is the Laguna Golf Club, which hosts the annual Thai Open; the Blue Canyon Country Club, which saw the famous Tiger Woods excel in the Johnnie Walker Classic; or the Mission Hills Golf of Phuket, which is the only golf course located on the waterfront, offering players extraordinary landscapes.

If you want more information on the activities not to be missed in Phuket, please read our article on the typical day of a family enjoying their vacation in the Utopia Thalang development proposed by Thaï Property Group.


Also, there is of course a material constraint which is the remaining building space.

Indeed, over the decades, Phuket has hosted luxurious tourist residences that require a large footprint in order to offer a multitude of activities to residents (green spaces, swimming pools, shopping malls or golf courses for example).

Moreover, as Phuket’s urban planning rules do not allow building too high or too densely, the real estate market players have started to move towards the North of the peninsula. The highly popular Phuket South leaves less and less space for new constructions. As for the North, it is still preserved and today’s new actors can be a step ahead in setting up there before their competitors.


However, we also note that this choice is also explained by tourists who are looking for residences of an increasingly high standard.

Indeed, North Phuket is less urbanized than South Phuket, which allows developers to build bigger, more luxurious programs and in places still outside the permanent animation that we find more in the South. This allows residents to enjoy a more relaxing vacation while being only a few dozen minutes away from the activity of Phuket City.

Thus, the developers know that tourists appreciate North Phuket because it is a place closer to the airport (which avoids wasting time in high season traffic jams in the center of the island) but also a more luxurious area where high-end hotels and luxury family villas are located.For example, the hotel manager Radisson (a major and world-renowned player in the high-end hotel sector) chose Maikhao for its first project in Thailand.

Thaï Property Group offers the opportunity to invest in Phuket North with the Utopia Thalang villa development!

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