Financing a property acquisition

Acquiring or investing in Thailand properties requires that you ask yourself the right questions, especially regarding your financial resources.

Can I borrow from a Thai bank for a property purchase in Thailand ?

Thai banks do not lend to foreigners or with great difficulty. Unless you are a long-term resident and can justify a regular income in Thailand, it will not be possible for you to obtain a loan. 
Some establishments occasionally offer financing offers but these are always quite restrictive (partial value of the property purchased, high interest rates above 6%).

Can I borrow from a bank in my home country for a real estate purchase in Thailand ?

It is possible to buy a property in Thailand with a loan, however please keep in mind that many banks have strict regulations regarding foreign investments. The guarantees asked by your home bank may be higher than for an investment in your home country.
Each country has separate regulations regarding bank loans. It is advisable to contact your banker for more information.

Concerning the financing, TPG can only advise you to have all the necessary funds at the ready when you sign the sales contract.
Our agents are there to accompany you and guide you towards the best solution for you.

DISCLAIMER : All the information contained in this FAQ is given for information purposes only and is not official information. It is a popularization of problems, some of which (property law and taxation in particular) require the opinion of experts and individual treatment on a case-by-case basis. Although TPG has produced this content in good faith, with the aim of providing information that is as accurate as possible, it cannot be held responsible if certain information proves to be inaccurate.