Thailand is one of the “Asian Tigers”, and second largest economy of South East Asia. Selecting Thailand investment properties is an optimal solution to diversify one’s assets and generate yields fixed by contract.

Thailand properties investments

To invest in a real estate property is often a life project, and a choice that should be carefully considered and prepared to guarantee its feasibility and perennity. Thailand is the first touristic destination of ASEAN. It has been recognised as a dreamlike destination and it is the ideal place for a property investment.

Many destinations are available and offer rental return investments, from 7% to 9% net per year.

Rental investment

On the mountain slope, overlooking Kamala Bay Platinum Bay is a unique location. On Kamala…
starting from 136,710 $ 4,650,000 thb
Yield 7%
Rental guarantee 5 years
Personal use 30 days

Rental investment

A new Development of rental condominiums in Phuket Invest in Phuket rental properties with this…
starting from 141,120 $ 4,800,000 thb
Yield 7%
Rental guarantee 5 years
Personal use 30 days

Why choose Thailand investment properties ?

By the end of 2018 in France, the interest rate of the “livret A” (the most popular investment product in France) was fixed at 0.75%. The French inflation rate was at 1.9% in November which led to a negative return. Between 2018 and 2019 the “Euro-Thai Baht” exchange rate changed from 1€ = 38 THB to 1€ = 35 THB.

According to the Thai “Board of Investment” Thailand is ranked in 2018 among the first three ASEAN countries for its “easiness to do business”.

Investing in Thailand is favorised by the Thai government, which supports foreign investments in the private sector.

By the beginning of 2019, Thailand is the 26th biggest economy in the world.


The different kinds of properties in Thailand

There are different kinds of investments in Thailand : it can be a rental investment, a residential investment for a second home, for holiday or for living in Thailand all year.

This is why TPG offers a selection of quality properties chosen by our team of dedicated professionals.

Thailand villas for sale

Do you need some space in a charming beach resort? TPG sells stunning pool villas with seaview in Hua Hin, Phuket or Koh Samui. The team will select first class properties for you in idyllic settings at affordable prices.

Thailand condos for sale

If you are looking to invest in an apartment with rental returns and hotel management, Thailand beach resorts are for you. In Phuket, some developments offer returns with a personal occupation for holidays, and you can beneficiate from high rental and fixed yields by contract in very touristic beach resorts.


Two types of investments

Rental investments : a diversification solution with fixed yields by contract.

With the lower returns of the traditional European placement solutions, investors are more and more numerous to choose foreign investments in countries where the economy is still growing strongly, in order to beneficiate from an advantageous environment.

Today, Thailand investment properties are one of the best options. Its healthy economy is turned towards exportation which shows its influence. The excellent infrastructures fit together with an ever growing touristic demand.

The real estate market offers attractive prices and prestations considering the high construction quality of many projects. The real estate properties laws for foreigners are well established and the taxation is profitable.

Thanks to those assets, Thailand has all the fundamentals for a successful rental investment. With this favourable context, real estate developers offer very good rental yields, fixed by contract.

The best new developments have rental returns from 7% to 9% by year for 3 to 10 years, net of charges (calculated on the initial value of the property). With this, you benefit from a developer buyback, during the rental return period : in every case, you get your initial capital back.

Leisure investment : secondary residence, expatriation or retirement

Thailand is also synonymous of a comfortable climate, varied and dreamlike landscapes and a cuisine known worldwide. It has a rich history and culture, and the population cultivate hospitality and respect.

For the purpose of living in these ideal settings, we can find many properties in Thailand for sale like houses and villas : everything you need to spend a golden retirement or dreamlike holidays in the Land of Smiles.


How to succeed in Thailand investments

For a safe and relaxed purchase, it is capital to be advised and guided by professionals. Many expatriates want to embark alone on the adventure to save money on fees. However, even a purchase in one’s home country is not easy, and it is much less so in a country where you do not know the legislation, the customs, the language or the population.

TPG will be your guide in your investment project, and your priority interlocutor to guarantee a relaxed purchase.

The payments for a purchase in Thailand

 In most cases, payments can be done by international transfers, from your local account to the developer’s account. But it can be best to open a bank account in Thailand to earn incomes in the case of an investment with rental yields.

TPG welcomes you in Thailand and accompany you in the opening of your Thai bank account, as well as for the signature of the contracts.


Do you want to discover other Asian countries where rental investments are as attractive as Thailand ? Real estate markets in the Philippines are profitable and growing fast. Here you can find developers which offer the same conditions as in Thailand.