Where to go in Thailand according to the landscapes and the climate ?

Author : Thai Property group Published on 22 May 2020
Going to Thailand

Thailand is full of diverse landscapes and climates. It is difficult to decide for one destination over another.

Tranquillity and mountains

Less known and especially less touristic than the South, the northern regions of Thailand have a lot to offer. Cities like Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai are ideal for a trip off the beaten track. These regions are in the heart of the mountains, and offer breathtaking landscapes of jungle and green valleys. This environment is perfect for canoeing in the streams, trekking in the many national parks or visiting typical and traditional villages for a complete change of scenery. 

In addition to lush nature, the northern regions of the country also offer a wide variety of infrastructure with restaurants and shopping malls. The only drawback is probably the lack of beaches nearby. The climate is tropical and varies between dry and wet seasons. During the rainy season (from July to September), it is unusual not to be able to get out of the day despite the torrential downpours. Moreover, it is during this season that the landscape is very green, with rivers and flooded rice fields.

Paradise beaches and crystal clear sea

Thailand is full of islands and archipelagos known for their dream beaches, turquoise water and unspoiled tropical landscape. The country’s humid tropical climate results in heavy rainfall. However, the islands in the Gulf of Thailand and those in the Andaman Sea do not have quite the same climates. On the east coast, the rains are heavy between September and December while it is between April and October that typhoons and other heavy rains are frequent on the west coast. 

The islands of the Andaman Sea such as Phuket and Koh Lanta are dynamic thanks to their modern infrastructures and are very popular destinations thanks to their natural and cultural richness. The lush forests that surround them allow many leisure activities such as hiking, water sports and extreme sports. In the Gulf of Thailand, we find islands such as Koh Samui and Koh Tao. These islands offer an exceptional quality of life and a quiet and serene pace of lifestyle. A paradise for divers, these islands have managed to preserve the surrounding nature. 

Animation and big cities

When talking about a big Thai city, you can’t miss the city of Bangkok. A must-see destination during a stay in the land of smiles, the capital oscillates between modern frenzy and peaceful traditions.In constant effervescence, the city includes districts very different from each other. Some famous for their nightlife with bars and clubs of all kinds, others for their huge shopping malls or others for their historical monuments. Nevertheless, even if Bangkok seems disorderly, the Thai people are very smiling and approach the life with calm and serenity ! 

It is generally hot in the metropolis, with temperatures approaching 35°C. On the other hand, from July to October, the rainy season causes torrential rains with a high risk of floods. Please note that the inside of public places is air-conditioned, so it is advisable to cover up !

Seaside resorts

An ideal holiday destination for foreigners and Thais alike, resorts such as Hua Hin and Koh Samui are renowned. Known for their multitude of hotels and contemporary facilities, bordered by wide expanses of white sand, they attract more and more travellers every year. 

With high-tech marinas, upscale shopping malls, hospitals and peaceful residences, the resorts are perfect for those who want to settle down permanently in Thailand to enjoy their retirement

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