The extension project of the Hua Hin Airport

Author : Thai Property group Published on 6 September 2019

In August 2018, The Department of Airport announced that 3.5 billions THB would be invested during the 5 next years to “enlarge the passenger terminal and widen the runway and expend hangars” of the Hua Hin’s airport. The Hua Hin Today’s journalists have recently interviewed the airport Director for 25 years, Mr. Apasit Ubolkomut, to make him inform us of the progression of the project.

The ongoing projects

According to him, the terminal will be doubled in size to separate the domestics and international passengers which is “vital for security, customs and immigration”. The runway will be made wider from the existing 35 m to 45 m wide along with additional aircraft tarmac ‘parking’ facilities to allow more aircraft to come and to facilitate their take-off. However, the Director precise that the runway should be elongated by 500 m to allow long haul carrier to operate from Hua Hin, which is possible with an extension seaward but not scheduled already.

The false rumors

This interview is also the occasion to restore the truth about a few rumors. There is no plan or active discussion for the construction of a new airport in the foreseeable future and the proximity of the Royal Palace poses no restriction to the airport and is not a part of development considerations. It correspond to the shared vision of the DOA and the Hua Hin Airport Director to progressively develop the existing airport. Thus, new international destinations will be opened (Singapore and the Myanmar firsts)  whereas domestic flights will be resumed and renewed (with specific offers according to the destination for instance). It correspond to a general will to preserve the peaceful asset of Hua Hin, which make it the perfect destination for Thailand property investment for those who want to stay apart of mass tourism.

The already available flights

Eventually we remind you that Malaysia can already be reached from the Hua Hin airport since 2018. Indeed, an Air Asia’s A320 fly from Hua Hin to Kuala Lumpur and From Kuala to Hua Hin everyday in only 2 hours. The occasion for the Malaysians to visit the incredible golf courses or to consider buying a Hua Hin villa for sale for instance. Khun Apasit said ti Hua Hin Today that currently, theses flights have a capacity of 185 passengers and are usually 70-80% full.

Current flight schedule Kuala Lumpur (KL) – Hua Hin (HH) :

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday:

Depart HH 11.40 Arrive KL 14.35

Depart KL 10.05 Arrive HH 11.10

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday:

Depart HH 15.10 Arrive KL 18.20

Depart KL 13.40 Arrive HH 14.40

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