Thailand commits to fight plastic pollution

Author : Thai Property group Published on 13 January 2020

For several years now, Thai public opinion has been mobilizing around the harmful consequences of over-consumption of plastic for the environment.

Over the last 5 months, the Thai government has taken the decision to distribute reusable bags to the public, a measure that is part of a broader plan to eradicate the waste and rubbish that pollute the Kingdom’s waters. 

As a result of its initial actions, Thailand has reduced the number of plastic bags used by 2 billion compared to last year. 

Encouraged by its promising figures, the government began the year 2020 with a total ban on single-use plastic bags in the Kingdom’s major stores. 

For French tourists or even expatriates who decided to live in Thailand, the change came naturally, but the local population had to adapt in a hurry. 

Forced to change their habits overnight, Thai people do not lack of inventiveness to carry their shopping ! They find some ecological alternatives that make us smile like wheelbarrows, suitcases or fishing nets…

This new regulation aims at the total disappearance of plastic bags from all shops in the Kingdom by 2021.

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