Sébastien Cuvelard visits the land of El Nido Beach project in Palawan

Author : Thai Property group Published on 20 February 2020
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This February 17, 2020, Sébastien CUVELARD, real estate expert in Thailand and Asia, went to the land of the brand new project “Paradise Investment”, on the beautiful island of Palawan in the Philippines. The goal: to make an inventory of the sector and meet the directors of the project. He was thus able to ensure its soundness and quality before its commercializing by his teams.


Located in the northern part of Palawan Island on the unspoiled beach of El Nido, this upcoming real estate project in the Philippines will be a beachfront hotel that respects the local community and the environment. The land is a perfect blend of mountains, jungles and fine sandy beaches, which will provide a beautiful sea view for all properties.

Thai Property Group made sure with the developer that the hotel would not damage the surrounding nature. Thus, the challenge of the “Palawan Paradise Investment” project is to become a low-density program of 5-star quality private villas. These will blend in with the environment through natural materials.


Sébastien had the opportunity to meet with the owners and directors of the “Palawan Paradise Investment” project. Very involved in the development of the local community, they are committed to building a residence that will benefit both the Filipinos of Palawan, the future guests of the hotel and the investors of the developments.

Mr. Cuvelard asked them about their strategy and contractors. For example, the developer has already hired the renowned builder “KMC Savills”. It is the developer of several major projects in the Philippines such as the casino “Ocada Manilla”, “IKEA”, various luxury hotels… Regarding the hotel manager, they will contract with a high-end professional to build a “5 stars” resort.

The project will take advantage of the fact that there are no other hotels with 5-star standards in the El Nido area yet. It will therefore come to position itself in an “upscale niche” market. It will meet the needs of high-end visitors who are looking for an “all-inclusive” vacation. The program will thus offer water activities, wellness, restaurants… in addition to sea view villas with private pools.


The site visit allowed Sebastien to determine the true potential of the project. Next up, the “due diligence” by independent lawyers. This will verify the financial soundness and general health of the developer and his project.

Once all verifications are completed, the “Palawan Paradise Investment” program will be offered for sale by Thai Property Group.

Feel free to contact us for more information on this upcoming project.

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