News Cambodia : Preah Sihanouk, future industrial center

Author : Thai Property group Published on 18 February 2020

Preah Sihanouk : Cambodian industrial zone

At the forum on macroeconomic management and the 2020 budget law, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy and Finance said that the province of Preah Sihanouk would potentially become the industrial center of the country. 

The aim is to boost economic growth by creating an ideal investment platform for ASEAN and international companies wishing to relocate to Cambodia. And to transform the province into a multi-purpose city capable of manufacturing value-added products to be exported from the country.  

To achieve this, the government intends to establish measures to build infrastructures in the province in order to attract more investors and tourists who would like to invest in Cambodian real estate. With huge constructions like Shenzhen in south-eastern China, which is considered China’s Silicon Valley.

The actors of the project

Led by Cambodian and Chinese companies, including experts from Shenzhen, the project aims to build a multipurpose economic zone, close to the capital of Phnom Penh, the international airport and the port of Preah Sihanouk. 

This industrial zone will be several kilometers long and will be developed and functional, with nearly 300 companies set up and 80 to 100,000 workers.  It will mainly include manufacturing companies such as textile, leather goods, hardware and machinery. This type of industry also offers more employment opportunities. 

Taking full advantage of the proximity to the port of Preah Sihanouk, the zone will allow numerous exports and imports, which will be the driving force behind Cambodia’s economic development. 

Source : Bangkok Post 

Preah Sihanouk province to become special economic zone

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