The Marketing strategy of “The Pavilions El Nido”

Author : Thai Property group Published on 25 March 2021
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This investment property is currently under construction. Works are well underway and completion is scheduled for August 2022.

To prepare for this opening, the developer is organizing its communication/marketing strategy to ensure optimal occupancy. For this purpose, “El Nido SPA & Resorts” has commissioned its hotel manager “The Pavilions” to carry out an extensive market study on the state of competition in the sector, as well as for the definition of the prices and positioning of the hotel.

An hotel well-positionned against the competition

The Pavilions El Nido SPA & Resort has an advantage over its competition in that it will be the only 5⭐ upscale hotel in the El Nido area of Palawan. Against well-known brands in the Philippines such as the “Shangrila” hotel in Boracay, El Nido has the advantage of offering exclusively sea view villas in a human-sized development, and therefore easy to fill. The development has a unique room and infrastructure quality, designed by renowned architects.

These elements are coupled with the experience of its actors and the unique location on Palawan. It allow The Pavilions El Nido SPA & Resort to be rated as a high value hotel in the Philippines’ upscale real estate market.

A precise Price Study

Defining a good pricing strategy is a critical step in ensuring the hotel’s success from the moment it opens. In setting room rates, The Pavilions considered several factors, including location and surroundings, ease of access, brand and hotel quality, and developer experience.

The study found out that thanks to its all-sea view 5-star hotel quality and its exceptional location nestled in the hills of El Nido, the resort will be able to afford to offer good nightly rates, even higher than the developer’s initial projections.

Do not hesitate to contact Thai Property Group to learn more about this 5⭐ development, available from $120,000 with 10% contractual rental returns/year.

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