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Author : Thai Property group Published on 19 July 2021
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Pattaya is Thailand’s best-known beach resort and a popular place for expatriates to live, as well as being the hub of tourism in Thailand. Its attractiveness is not limited to its famous Walking Street: there are residential areas close to the beaches, quiet and suitable for living in Pattaya all year round.

Especially in this period, it is possible to carry out your expatriation project thanks to very accessibly priced villas or condos in the market of Pattaya properties for sale. Indeed, the market is much more accessible than Bangkok, while remaining close to shops, hospitals, transportations and highways.


Do you have plans to live in Pattaya all year round? The choice of property type will depend on the number of rooms required, your budget and whether you need to be close to the city centre.


For single people or couples without children, there are very affordable residential condos in the heart of Pattaya from as little as €70,000, or even sea view condos close to the calm Jomtien beach in the south. Two bedroom options are also available.

For a condo, we recommend either the centre for those looking for dynamism, shopping centres and nightlife, or the south near Jomtien and Pratumnak beaches. This area is a more residential, quieter area with a nice beach overlooking the island of Koh Larn accessible by ferry. Expatriates spending their retirement in Thailand or families with young children will generally prefer this part of Pattaya. In any case, shops, the hospitals and the leisure activities are never far.


The offer of villas in Pattaya is an option for large families, or people who simply want more space. It is possible to find properties of 180 sqm for less than 150 000€, or even large luxury houses of 6 bedrooms with 400m² for a more substantial budget.

Most of the time, the villas are a little further from the centre, but easily accessible by car. For the same budget, a 3-bedroom villa in Pattaya is often equivalent or even cheaper than a 1-bedroom flat in Bangkok, which is therefore a good alternative, as it is more spacious, quieter and more suitable for family life.


Currently, supply is higher than demand. There are some very good residential offers in Pattaya. With Thailand slowly reopening its borders, a buyer who decides now is taking advantage of the last opportunities before international travel picks up.

If you are interested in one of our properties, our agency has a “virtual visit” service and can therefore organise a video visit of the property. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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