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Author : Thai Property group Published on 20 November 2020
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El Nido is located north of Palawan, on the border of the Bacuit Archipelago Nature Reserve. This haven of peace is made up of 45 marvelous islets with crystal-clear water beaches and a wide variety of marine and terrestrial fauna. Indeed, El Nido owes its name meaning “the nest”, to the numerous swallows nesting on the cliff sides. This place will seduce nature lovers as well as those who wish to stay in a comfortable bungalow with their feet in the water.  The Philippines is a country in full economic expansion, and it is important to them to continue to develop while respecting their environment. Property for sale in the Philippines represents a new opportunity for people wishing to invest in a country with a strong development potential.


Economy in the Philippines

The national economy of the Philippines is growing thanks to the emergence of a new middle class eager to consume and increase its standard of living. Indeed, between 2010 and 2018, the Philippine GDP has increased by more than 100 billion dollars.

These figures are very encouraging for the economic future of the country. This situation is most reassuring and advantageous to make real estate investments to ensure significant and stable income over the long term, with good prospects for the future. However, the projects to increase the wealth of the island are hindered by the global health situation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the economic side, the archipelago has at this stage monetary and budgetary room for maneuver. allowing it to cushion the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic. Moreover, as of mid-August 2020, only one case of Covid-19 infection was located in El Nido. From an economic point of view, their market share in the industry allows them to manage the lack of tourists.

According to the Washington-based World Bank: “Prospects for economic growth and poverty figures are expected to improve in the coming years, thanks to a rebound in consumption, increased public investment, favorable fiscal and monetary policies, and the resumption of global growth. Economic growth in the Philippines is expected to return to more than 6% in 2021 and 7% in 2022”.

The Republic of the Philippines thus has a healthy economy that is particularly conductive to investment.


To meet this investment demand and to enhance the beauty and wealth of the island, a new project is under construction : the El Nido and Beach Resort development. 

This new concept is based on the well-being of future clients but also on that of the environment. There, the savvy investor and his guests will be able to enjoy luxurious private villas inspired by traditional designs, a multitude of land and sea activities ranging from hiking to whale watching and a range of culinary options to satisfy all tastes.

The villas are located in the heart of the nature reserve, which requires them to be sustainable and approved by local authorities. To achieve this, the constructions will be made with more environmentally friendly materials and supplied with sustainable energy. Such as water from desalination plants and electricity from solar panels.

The development of The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan Island, will begin operations in 2022, when it is reasonable to estimate that tourism will be sufficiently restored to allow for good occupancy rates.

Based on the World Bank report from Washington, D.C., economic growth in the Philippines will rebound quickly – to 7% in 2022 – by the time the hotel opens. Real estate developments will benefit greatly from this, particularly on the island of Palawan, classified in July 2020 as “the best island in the world” by major players in tourism. El Nido is a real example of a project in a successful phase, almost entirely sold in times of crisis, which shows the confidence of investors.

If you would like to know more about this subject, do not hesitate to visit the page dedicated to the project on the TPG website. 

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