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Author : Thai Property group Published on 5 June 2020
What to do in Thailand

The seaside resort of Pattaya has acquired a colourful reputation over the years. Famous for its entertaining ladyboys, cabaret shows and lively nightlife, the city is still a destination to enjoy the sun, beach and Thai culture. Located less than 200 kilometres from the Thai capital, Pattaya attracts more and more tourists and expatriates every year. Today it is one of the most popular beach destinations in Southeast Asia with modern infrastructure, a dynamic real estate market with a great offer of condominiums for sale and attractions to keep everyone busy!

The beaches of Pattaya

Pattaya has many beaches more or less frequented. The main beach being Pattaya Beach, it is very busy most of the time. If you prefer a little more peace and quiet, then Jomtien Beach, south of Pattaya is ideal. This six kilometre stretch of sand is a haven of peace, as it is not as small or as crowded as Pattaya Beach, and therefore much more peaceful. There are many water sports and activities on offer, including jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. There are also many restaurants along the beach that serve fresh seafood and other Thai dishes.

Ko Larn Island is located about seven kilometers from Pattaya. It attracts many visitors with its white sand, colorful scenery and turquoise waters. Boats make the round trip between the island and Pattaya several times a day to welcome tourists who are eager to discover the island. Relatively small, four kilometers long and two kilometers wide, Ko Larn has nevertheless six different beaches !

Cultural visits of Pattaya

The coveted Wat Phra Khao Yai in Pattaya is better known as the Big Buddha, since it is the largest Buddha in the region. This 18-meter high golden monument stands at the top of a hill. This location offers a panoramic view of southern Pattaya below and Jomtien beach on the other side. There is also a complex of temples that burn incense all day long and many bells that add a peaceful atmosphere when they ring.

Anek Kusala Sala, is one of the most important centers of Chinese culture and art in Thailand. Symbol of the friendship between the Chinese and the Thai, it is today a unique museum in the country. Indeed, the monument displays more than three hundred pieces of Chinese art, most of which are bronze and brass statues of historical icons from various Buddhist and Taoist deities.

Pattaya’s local and nightlife

Floating markets are ubiquitous in Thailand, but those in Pattaya are unique. The best known market is the Four Regions Floating Market, as this market has been divided into four regions of Thailand: North, Northeast, Central and South. Each section of this market sells different products that embody this particular part of the country. To make the most of this experience, visitors are advised to rent a small boat to see all that the market has to offer.

Almost no other city in Thailand can compete with Pattaya at nightfall. Walking Street is 500m long and, as the name suggests, no vehicles are allowed on the street after 6pm. From then on, Walking Street comes alive with gogo bars, nightclubs, restaurants and beer bars. During the day, the street is almost deserted but comes alive with neon lights and music when the sun goes down. There are also many food stalls dotted along Walking Street where visitors can refuel for hours of fun and partying !

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