Expat districts by cities : Bangkok and Phuket

Author : Thai Property group Published on 11 June 2020
Going to Thailand

A true paradise for tourists, the Land of Smiles has become over the last few years an Eldorado for expatriates. It is clear that the beauty of the landscapes associated with an attractive cost of living are among the assets that make people want to go and live in Thailand. Here is a small overview of the expatriate districts in the cities of Bangkok and Phuket.


Sathorn and Silom are two parallel avenues located in the south of the city, around Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s green lung. Very well served by public transport, they are rather eclectic districts, where embassies, buildings in the business district, and a few universities coexist. Sathorn Tai, the whole southern part of Sathorn is THE French quarter of Bangkok with its pretty white buildings surrounded by gardens. If you are in search of French food, this is also where you will find your happiness !

Ari is the small neighborhood that’s on the rise and is more and more appreciated by expatriates. Between the numerous street food stalls and small restaurants in Phô, small trendy cafés grow where you can observe the bustle of the street. With its small tree-lined streets, Ari gives the impression of being in a village, while we are in the heart of Bangkok. In the evenings and on weekends, the bars and restaurants of this trendy district, where traditional Thai food mixes with more western dishes, fill up with the youth of Bangkok.

Sukhumvit is the main artery of Bangkok, which gave its name to the district, one of the most cosmopolitan of the city. Here, it’s quite simple, you can find everything, all the time. Restaurants, bars, shopping malls, small, well hidden temples, art galleries, all located along this avenue, which is more than 10 km long and served all along by the aerial metro. The expat’s preference? Soi 11, an unmissable place to go out at the weekend, because this is where the party really gets going.


The Laguna district is located on the west coast of Phuket, rather away from the crowds. It’s a fairly reputable place for expats with relatively high budgets who are looking for a western-style living environment with restaurants and international shops. The area is positioned on a high-end segment, comprising luxury villas and apartments close to a heavenly beach.

In the south of the island are the districts of Muaeng Phuket: rawai and Nai Harn. They offer a more authentic and local living environment, but above all cheaper, both in terms of real estate but also in terms of the general cost of living. There are superb beaches, houses and villas but very few buildings. They are also very popular areas for retired people as they offer a traditional, exotic and very friendly atmosphere among the inhabitants. Indeed, it is a district of choice to find the calm and unique atmosphere of the Thai islands. 

Kathu is the main neighborhood where expatriates who have a professional activity in Phuket live since they work for many, on Patong or nearby. It is a place where many western jobs are concentrated, and where rents are cheaper. 

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