Diversifying your assets: an option to be considered more than ever before

Author : Thai Property group Published on 16 April 2020

In its annual public finance report, the IMF proposes a solution to the national debt problem. The solution? To tax 10% of the private savings of each citizen, provided they have positive savings. In France, this would represent the sum of 700 billion euros to be levied.

For the Bank of France, this last-chance measure would be possible, but should be avoided at all costs.

While the idea makes sense for the International Monetary Fund, which sees it as a good alternative to resolving the debt crisis, the institution does not put forward anything concrete, and only allows itself to open the debate on this potential solution.

Diversifying savings with unbanked investments

Diversification of one’s wealth seems the most certain option to reduce the risk of capital loss. In fact, investing in several markets, but particularly in real estate, allows you to maximize the profitability and security of your investments.
For this, Thailand is a country of choice. Its dynamic economy, its advantageous taxation, its quality infrastructures and its smiling population are some of its main assets. Add to this, a good quality/price ratio of real estate and high rental yields, the Land of Smiles offers excellent opportunities for those who wish to invest in stone.

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