Author : Thai Property group Published on 31 August 2020

Beyond being a very profitable real estate investment bringing you more than 800 Euros per month, this superb bungalow located in the north of the island of Palawan that you have purchased offers you in addition 4 weeks of annual vacation to enjoy a family trip under the sun of the Philippines. 

Today, we present you the typical day of a family having acquired a bungalow located in El Nido, a municipality classified as a protected area in the north of the island of Palawan.

Composed of 45 islands and islets at the gates of the Bacuit Archipelago nature reserve, this haven of peace will seduce you with its beautiful beaches with clear waters and the richness of its fauna, the swallows that build their nests on the cliffside and which gave its name to the site (“el nido” meaning “the nest” in Spanish), the 200 species of fish that populate the coral reef. Sublime sunsets on the island of Cadlao in the distance, diving in the lagoons, canoeing, exploration of all these small deserted islands, it is easy to understand why this place is one of the favorite vacation spots of the Filipinos.

After a gentle awakening around 9 o’clock, you get up to fully enjoy this day which, according to the rising sun in the middle of clear skies, looks radiant. 

While your children are having breakfast in the living room, and seem to be wide awake already, you are still a little sleepy. So you decide to go out on your terrace before diving directly into the sea, at the foot of your bungalow. Your children will finally join you before the whole family rinses off in the private pool on the bungalow’s terrace. 

Once the whole family is wide awake, you decide to go island hopping, in a banka, the traditional Filipino bamboo boat. Four itineraries are proposed by the agencies on the island to discover the Bacuit archipelago, the most famous attraction. All of them offer different and varied excursions so that you are free to choose the one that attracts you the most! You will then be able to sail between the different islets and swim in beautiful isolated coves before taking the boat back to continue your journey. 

It is finally at mealtime that the tour ends, so you decide to eat in a charming little traditional restaurant by the sea. There you will discover with your family the local specialties such as fish freshly caught by local fishermen for example. 

After this pleasant meal, you decide to spend the afternoon on one of the surrounding beaches in order to digest quietly. The white sand, turquoise water and the sun will be your ideal setting while you rest in the shade of a coconut tree with a good book while sipping a delicious cocktail or a coconut. 

After a short nap, you opt for a snorkelling session. The turquoise waters surrounding the islands of the Bacuit archipelago are teeming with underwater life. With many dive sites, this archipelago is very famous in the diving world. One can find dugongs, the animal that is supposed to have given birth to the legend of mermaids, manta rays, sea turtles and more than 200 species of fish, each one more beautiful than the other.

It is now mid-afternoon and you decide to go for a short hike to reach the famous Nagkalit-Kalit waterfalls located in the heart of the island. 

Count about 40 minutes to 1 hour round trip walk to get to the foot of these beautiful natural waterfalls. There are two waterfalls, including a natural pool where you can swim in clear and deliciously refreshing water. 

Finally, you decide to quietly return home to eat at the hotel restaurant before going to bed to get in shape to enjoy a new day of family vacation where this time you can go kayaking, climbing or jetskiing!

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