Tourism : the plans to boost tourism in November

Author : Thai Property group Published on 25 September 2020

A seven-day quarantine for foreign tourists can be implemented in November if the first batch of tourists arriving in October is free of coronavirus infections, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

After next Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, the government will announce more details on the special tourist visa (STV) that will allow the first international arrivals in almost six months to be welcomed by October 1.

Update January 2021 : Please note that this plan was not carried out. The Quarantine period is still of 14 days.

If the first two groups of 300 tourists finish the 14-day quarantine on October 15 and 21 without a positive test, the ministry plans to suggest an increase in the number of foreigns per week by November 1.

“Only 300 tourists per week will not be enough to fill the entire supply chain and help operators,” Phiphat said. “However, this number must be consistent with the capacity of Ministry of Public Health staff to prepare tests.

The ministry has been talking to private hospitals to provide more health personnel to support the virus testing process at airports. This is also intended to allow tourist groups to test at other state quarantine facilities to disperse the flow of tourists at the terminal.

If the tourism plan works well, the ministry will consider reducing the quarantine period to seven days in mid-November, but keeping both tests effective, Phiphat said.

Commentaires (6)

Thai Property Group Le 21 December 2020 à 12h29
Hi, for foreigners the accomodation is at your own costs.
Ashfaq Ahmed Le 21 December 2020 à 12h05
During the Quarantine period the Accomodation will be provided by Thai Govt or own cost.
Juliette Le 18 November 2020 à 9h30
Hi. This was a project from the Thai government which has been unfortunately cancelled. The quarantine is still of 14 days.
Abik nilabol Le 16 November 2020 à 15h53
Will you update us please? I heard that the quarantine was reduced to 7 days... is is right?
Thai Property Group Le 02 November 2020 à 4h08
Hello, unfortunately the Thai government only allows for quarantine in ASQ hotels. Home quarantine is not possible at the moment.
Brian Baird Le 31 October 2020 à 20h04
I am from Scotland my wife is Thai we have a home in northeast Thailand can we self isolate there rather than asq. We would travel from Savarnabumi to Sakon Nakhon in private transport.

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