The hotel manager The Pavilions accepts cryptocurrencies

Author : Thai Property group Published on 5 July 2021

“The Pavilions” is the hotel group that will be responsible for managing the Philippines real estate project: El Nido Beach Resort & SPA in Palawan, scheduled for delivery in 2023. Gordon Oldham, senior partner of the group, announced that crypto-currencies will be accepted as a means of payment from 7 July 2021. 

Find out more about The Pavilions – Palawan project on this link.

Below is the message from Mr. Oldham.

“As we continue to be at the forefront of our industry as a world-class boutique hotel group, I am excited about the next steps we are taking by introducing Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy as a form of payment for everyday transactions however, this will continue to grow as Retail establishments and large global companies like PayPal, are beginning to accept this form of payment.

Our core values continue to offer the best in class for service and challenge the norms by delivering experiences beyond our guest’s expectations. With this in mind, we had to ask ourselves why we couldn’t be one of the first hotel groups in the industry to accept Cryptocurrencies for our hotel bookings?

And so, from the 7th July 2021, Pavilions will be the first International Hotel group to accept over 30 different cryptocurrencies through our reservations teams. Our Crypto Merchant will receive the funds and exchange them at the live rate into USD or Euro which is then transferred to us.

In a world where the hospitality industry has taken a huge hit with Covid-19, we must stand out from the crowd with innovation, outstanding service, and experiences offering our guests every opportunity to book with us as their ‘go to’ hotel group of choice.”

Gordon Oldham
Senior Partner

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