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Author : Thai Property group Published on 1 July 2019
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Bangkok and the different cities of Thailand are known for their street-food. We can find stands and street vendors along the streets, in markets (day and night), as well as in temples. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the various dishes and snacks prepared and sold on demand for them.


We can find food at any time of the day or night in Thailand. Mostly made from rice, the dishes are served in classic bowls, congee or rice noodles. They can be enjoyed directly on the street – on plastic or wooden chairs – or in small shophouses. Egg noodles are also very popular, for instance in the famous “pad thai”. Each stand and shophouse is specialized in a certain type of dish.

The Thai government has tried to apply restrictions to street cooking practices, but they have not been successful. Indeed, Thai people continue to go out on the streets to get food – it is part of their culture. They are the ones who ask for and they appreciate this way of life – and of cooking.


If you eat in the stands and shophouses, then you eat where the Thai people eat. You will find the most authentic and traditional dishes here. Prices are the lowest outside (between 35 and 150 Bahts – 1 to 4.5USD – for a complete lunch). It is even cheaper than cooking.

You can enjoy all the traditional dishes from the famous “Pad-thai” to the “sticky mango rice” – for sweet and sour lovers – as well as the chicken soup with coconut milk.


Thai cuisine mixes a variety of flavors. It is highly appreciated around the world. Jay Fay – a merchant from Bangkok – received an award. This highlighted the skills and dexterity of street cooks.

Jay Fay is the first (and only) street merchant to have been awarded a Michelin star. Her incredible story has been told around the world. It is now part of the first episode of Street Food of Netflix.

This street vendor who lived in poverty could have opened a large restaurant, a chain or a cooking school. Even after she got the Michelin star, she chose to stay in her shophouse. She sublimate the traditional thai dishes as she been doing for years. She continue cooking for people, out of love.

Jay Fay hasn’t changed since then. She keeps her ski goggles on to avoid oil splashes from her two huge woks. What has changed is the huge line that appears every day in front of his door. Jay was already known for his cooking. The Michelin recognition attracts even more curious and gourmet people – who are ready to wait hours for a dish by Jay.


It is also possible to eat in temples in Thailand. This is an opportunity to try a different kind of food, usually made with banana leaves. The people there are very welcoming. You cannot choose the menu, and it is usually free food. You are free to leave an offering in gratitude.


For those who wish to eat in a restaurant in Thailand, it is possible to do so with a budget of around 100 Bahts for a Thai restaurant – more for an international restaurant. If you are planning a memorable outing, we recommend that you experience a Thai barbecue.

Those who want to go to Thailand and discover the local food should try the different street foods. A journey is made of discoveries, which also pass through the palace.

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