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Author : Thai Property group Published on 1 July 2019
Going to Thailand

Sport is part of Thai culture. Whether you want to go to make a Thailand property investment or go there on vacations, you have to know that the Land of Smiles is a country where sports are widely practiced. You will find out about the various well-known sports activities in Thailand in this article.


Muay Thai is a typical Thai sport practiced throughout the country. What is Muay Thai excactly? The difference with French or English boxing is that boxers can use all parts of their body to fight. The fight is split into three rounds. Before starting, both parties perform a dance to evoke the protective spirits and gain strength. Even if this sport may seem very aggressive, the fighters have a lot of respect for each other and always remain benevolent.

You can attend live fights in all cities of Thailand, as well as outdoors, in stadiums and in bars. If you want to learn this typical sport, you can train in clubs or dedicated camps Lessons can be taken in groups or individually. If you only want to step into the ring once “just for fun”, you can do it with your friends in many of the seaside resorts’ nightclubs in Thailand.


You have always dreamed of swimming with the fish? The clear blue seas are ideal for this incredible sport. Two types of diving are available in Thailand: snorkeling and scuba diving. Snorkeling consists of swimming on the surface with fins, mask and snorkel and observing the seabed.

If you want to dive deeper, then scuba diving is what you are looking for! You won’t be able to practice this sport alone, as you will have to go to a diving school. The schools are very accessible (and cheap) and some even offer excursions to the most suitable islands such as Koh Tao, Similan Islands or Richelieu Rock – where you can find the famous whale shark of the Andaman Sea. This sport still requires self-confidence and a physical ability to swim a few metres deep. The reward after the effort is even more beautiful. Indeed, you will be able to observe an incredible fauna and flora and completely different from what can be found on the surface. If you are interested in diving, we recommend that you rent an apartment in Koh Samui, so that you can easily reach the most beautiful Thai diving spots.


Thailand is a paradise for golf amateurs. There are numerous fields with international stands. The fees are relatively low compared to France. We recommend the “Royal Hua Hin Golf Club”, which is the oldest in the country. Founded in 1924, it offers an incredible view of the Thai golf course and is surrounded by tropical trees. Hua Hin welcomes golfers from all over the world with its eight different golf courses. The “Golf Black Mountain”, has already hosted international competitions – and won several awards. Hua Hin has a lot of villas for sale near the golf courses, which will suit all tastes and desires of sport and seaside resort.

Thailand is an attractive country. Practicing sports there can make your stay even more authentic. Golf, diving, Thai boxing, it’s up to you!

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