Investment in Bangkok, an attractive city

Author : Thai Property group Published on 25 June 2019
Tips to invest in South-East Asia

If many people choose to invest in a property in Bangkok, it is because the city provides many advantages, both for living there and for investing money in it.


It is entirely possible to own a property in Thailand. Indeed, apartments under condominium licence offer freehold contracts that allow a purchase in full ownership. These residences are generally equipped with sports halls and swimming pool. 49% can be sold to foreigners, 51% is dedicated to the sale for Thai people.


Thailand has a stable and attractive economy. The peaceful social climate, and the strong currency (the Thai Baht) are supported by a near-zero unemployment rate. The Thai Baht was named “most performing Asian currency” by Commerzbank in August 2017. Thailand’s GDP growth is three times higher than that of France.


Thailand is a very advantageous country to expand its heritage. It benefits from quality real estate in the capital and renowned seaside resorts, as well as modern and quality infrastructures: golf courses, marinas, “shoppings malls”, amusement parks, airports and first-class hospitals – with doctors trained in the USA.


Buying a condo in Bangkok – which is a dynamic world capital – will cost you less than you would have to pay for the same type of property in the French provinces. This investment allows you to have a property in a dynamic Southeast Asian capital, which is located less than 5 hours flight from half the world. The seaside resorts in Thailand are full of apartments with high standards and villas, which are also very affordable.

If you buy a property to live there, the cost of your investment will be even lower because the cost of living in Thailand is far cheaper than in Europe.

If you buy for an investment, it is a great choice because there will always be tourists in the Land of Smile. Hotel occupancy rates are excellent (78.3% in Bangkok according to the “Thailand Industry Outlook 2018-20” report published by Krungsi Research).


Bangkok is a blend of modernity and tradition and has different faces. The capital offers an incomparable comfort of life. It has many different facets as it is so large. This allows us to propose you a variety of options in terms of housing and lifestyle. Thaï Property Group presents its selection of 4 nice areas to stay in.

Sukhumvit is the favorite neighborhood of expatriates in Thailand. It’s a very active and large avenue. The businessmen frequent it during the day while in the evening, various places of celebration and relaxation are open to the public. Street food is particularly popular in this area.

The old city district is the most traditional and preserved district of Bangkok. It is also probably the most peaceful but it is not accessible by public transportation.

Silom-Sathorn is the most luxurious district. It is used to host most embassies and international schools.

Siam is a central district. It is crossed by the two BTS lines (Skytrain). Anyone who likes to mix shopping and cultural outings will love it!

Bangkok is an attractive and dynamic capital – supported by Thailand’s stable economy. If you are interested in a property investment in Thailand, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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