The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago of South East-Asia, with Manilla for capital city. The beauty of its islands is known worldwide. To invest in the Philippines properties for sale, Palawan island is natural choice, with ideal settings. It is very well preserved and offers a high end choice of properties.

Invest in Philippines properties for sale

The Philippines are a volcanic archipelago with more than 7 000 islands, known for its crystalline seas, beautiful beaches and high mountains.

Le régions comme Palawan offrent des paysages parmi les plus beaux au monde. Grâce à ses destinations adaptées à une clientèle haut de gamme, l’attractivité touristique du marché immobilier aux Philippines ne peut que grimper dans les prochaines années. C’est pour cela que les Philippines se montrent très intéressantes pour les investisseurs.

Regions such as Palawan offers landscapes which are among the most beautiful in the world. Thanks to destinations fit for high end visitors, the touristic attractiveness of Philippines properties for sale is bound to grow in the following years. This is why the Philippines are very interesting for investors.

Three main spots to invest in the Philippines or to explore

Between the beaches, azure waters, jungles and mountains, the Philippines offer incredible sceneries for every taste, and this is also the reason why this country is so attractive.

Palawan, the dream islands

This province in the Western Philippines houses wonderful islands one can find on postcards. In this area, the El Nido archipelago is composed of 45 small islands with beaches and diving sites in the translucent sea. Those rocky islands offer unique sceneries, and divers can explore underwater tunnel lined with corals.

Bohol, the luxuriant jungle

This island is the spot for hikers and jungle lovers. The famous “Chocolate Hills” are named after their peculiar shape which makes it look like a cone. The jungle is home for the tarsier, an indigenous and protected specie of monkey.

Luzon, the biggest island of the Philippines

More than 110 000km² wide, Luzon is the island of Manilla and Quezon, the two most populated cities in the country. They can be nice to visit for two or three days before exploring the other points of interest, such as Banaue’s impressive staggered rice fields in the North. The Taal volcano in the South of Manilla is still active, and offers a truly marvellous scenery. Many other volcanos are spread throughout the island.

Three cities to visit in the country

Angeles, an entertainment city

Old American military base, the city regroups a reasonable part of the Philippines’ touristic activities. Its Walking Street is active at day time as well as night time, and the casinos draw the richest visitors. Among Philippines properties for sales, to invest in Angeles rental properties is a good way to benefit from the implementation of the many casinos and other touristic infrastructures. The occupancy rates are expected to be high thanks to the wealthy clients.

Subic, an emerging beach resort

Located on the East coast of Subic Bay, the city benefits from a high growth and it is becoming more and more popular with tourists. Subic real estate is still young and developers which are already offering Thailand properties for sale turn toward this promising destination, as Subic is bound to be more and more attractive in the coming years.

Manilla the capital city

On the East coast of Luzon island, le capital of the Philippines is a very dynamic city, centralising most of the institutions of the country, such as in politics or economy. Therefore, anyone wanting to work in a capital city should consider Manilla : it is the right place for doing most businesses.

As a tourist, Manilla’s colonial Spanish past is interesting. The Casa Manilla is a museum located in the old fortified city : constructions and stone pavements make visitors travel back to colonial Spain.

For a bit of greenery, the Rizal parc is a well-known site where Manillese relax on the week-end and its playground is ideal for children.