The island of Bali houses many natural wonders. This valued touristic destination attracts holiday makers as well as investors. This is why investing in Bali properties for sale is the best choice to earn rental incomes from tourism.

Bali properties for sale

With its wonderful sceneries, its exotic temples and unique culture, Bali is a mondially renowned island. With an economy 80% based on tourism, Bali offers a wide range of hotels, bars and aquatic activities allowing visitors to appreciate the marine wonders.

Bali properties for sale are mainly on the seaside near the beautiful coral reef.

Bali, a unique island

With its 5 780 km², Bali island differentiate itself from the rest of Indonesia thanks to its many activities and diverse landscapes.

A unique environment

The reason why Bali has such a luxuriant vegetation is mainly thanks to its volcanic nature with the Agung mountain, a 3000m high volcano. The island is part of the Coral Triangle with more than 500 species of coral, and houses a rich aquatic flora and fauna. Its black sands beaches are spread out on the North and the West coasts, and they owe their peculiar colour to Bali’s volcanic land.

A unique scenery

Bali is known worldwide for its postcard landscapes with azure seas and lush mountains. Its peculiar pagodas are the symbol of the island and a testimony to the rich history and culture, turned towards Buddhism and meditation.

The East of Bali is still preserved from mass tourism and is the perfect location for diving or snorkelling : these calm bays are also where the coral reef is the most impressive.

At the center of Bali in the surroundings of Ubud, rice fields, valleys and rivers are particularly fit for strolls and hiking. The city also offers many occasions to shop and visit temples and ancient historic sites.


Bali beach resorts

To answer to the growing touristic arrivals, the island largely developed its infrastructures on the seaside and the mountains. Constructions aim to respect the local cultures and landscapes, and as such newer buildings stand together with the ancient monuments and pagodas.


Bali has several beach resorts. Kuta the party-maker is the location for many festivals, beach bars and souvenir shops : this very active resort is ideal of holiday makers looking for the beach and the parties.


Ubud is a city in the center of Bali, and is considered as the heart of the Balinese arts, with traditional clothes shops, accessories, sculptures… This place is unmissable for visitors enjoying hiking and lush greeneries.


Sanur, the oldest beach resort in Bali, is a calm place on the Eastern coast, mixing the familial beach atmosphere with arts and Indonesian culture. For anyone wanting to live or invest in Bali properties for sale, Sanur is the ideal place as it is much less dense than Kuta, with a preserved beach and landscape. With the proximity of the seaside and coral reef with diving spots, Sanur is the perfect place to buy an apartment in Bali.

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